Company Paying $1,000 For YOU To Play 50 Hours of Fortnite

The big thing that everyone is playing right now is Fortnite! Some people are even making a ton of money just to sit there and stream themselves playing the game. Good news for you if you love to play Fortnite! has your summer dream job! They are looking for one lucky gamer to play “Fortnite” for 50 hours this summer and best part, they are going to pay you! Cue happy dance!

They are offering to pay one lucky person $1,000, one year of free high-speed internet, and a modem/router combo and a gaming router valued at $3,000.

If this sparks your interest, you must be able to play all 50 hours from June 7th & July 31st and you got to apply HERE by May 31, and the winner will be announced June 7.