Here Are Some Things You Do That Retail Workers Hate

Most of us who have worked in retail know how challenging it can be day after day.

If you haven't worked in retail or it's been a while, you may be doing things at the store that really irritate the workers - let's go through them shall we?!

Giving the cashier sweaty money that you kept in your bra or worse...your underwear (yes that happens)

Wanting a discount for spending lots of money at the store

"I've spent thousands of dollars here, I should get some kind of discount"

Being on the phone while you're trying to checkout - it's rude! And it holds up the line..and it makes it difficult for the cashier to converse with you about how you're paying...and your phone call can wait 2 minutes...etc.

Throwing your card or money on the counter instead of placing it in the cashier's outstretched hand. Now they have to pick up all your change which makes everything take's rude.

Not reading the coupon. Coupons have terms and rules and expiration dates - read them! Even worse is when a customer didn't read the coupon and either takes it out on you or tells you that you should still honor it.

Coming into the store right before close and taking your sweet time. Many stores have a policy where workers can't start closing until the store is clear - so you going down every aisle slowly just makes everyone wait on you and prevents them from getting home.

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