Kardashians Then and Now

It's no secret the Kardashians have changed up their look A LOT since they hit our TV screens in 2007 - whether it was butt implants, nose jobs, fillers, contour, wigs, etc.

Let's start with KIM!

Kim sure looks a little different since hopping into the tabloids with then-BFF Paris Hilton. She still kinda looks like the same person but also completely unrecognizable.


People were downright AWFUL to Khloe and her looks as soon as she was introduced. Unfortunately the constant scrutiny (including that from her own family) most likely caused her to feel like she had so many things to change about her looks.


WOOOOO if there is one person in the family who has completely transformed their look, it's Kylie. Granted, she was young when the show started but she really changed everything about her face and body.

Kylie admitted that her "small lips" were the reason why she decided to get fillers. Andddd the reason for everything else is probably due to her family and their toxic views on body image.


As far as we know, Kourtney has only had breast implants, which she said she got removed years later.

Besides age + better styling, her changes have been minimal.


Now where did you think the Kardashians got their warped since of beauty from?! Look no further than matriarch Kris Jenner...who has had tons of work done as well.


Kendall honestly hasn't changed too much either! Following the Kourtney route.

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