New Electric Shock Bracelet Designed to Stop Bad Habits

Amazon is selling a Pavlok electric shock bracelet for $200 that basically works like a shock collar for a dog. Every time you find yourself doing something you want to quit (or do less of), you press the button and it delivers a 350-volt jolt.

As you could imagine, that gets old real fast! Manufacturers claim that after 3-5 days of shocking yourself, you'll feel your urges for your bad habit start to subside.

The product has been around since 2012 but is just now starting to be a trending topic online.

Luckily the shock won't hurt you THAT bad - it'll basically feel like if you were to rub your socks on the carpet and then touch a doorknob. But that slight bit of pain is enough to reprogram your brain and say "hey maybe I should stop doing this!"

You can purchase your Pavlok 2 Habit Conditioning Device on Amazon here!

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