Instagram Influencers Are Posing at a Beautiful But Toxic Lake

I'll admit I've done some stupid things to get a good Instagram shot...but I've never gone to a toxic waste pool!

There's a man-made pond nicknamed "Novosibirsk Maldives" due to the beautiful color of the water and its proximity to the Russian city of Novosibirsk. However, the pond actually gets its color from the ash dump from a nearby coal plant. The plant claims that the pond is not "technically poisonous" but also urges visitors to not enter the water.

There are apparently tons of chemicals in the water and can cause an allergic reaction if it comes in contact with skin.

So yes, you may get an AMAZING Instagram shot but you may also break out in hives from a variety of chemicals!

There are multiple other crystal blue lakes around the world that are natural and safe such as Torch Lake in Michigan, Pyeto Lake in Canada and the lakes in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park.

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