Foods to Eat If You Want a Big Butt

First of all, take this with a grain of salt - I am obviously not a doctor and every body reacts differently to foods + exercise!

BUT, for the most part, you can increase the muscle mass in your booty with leg exercises and a diet full of protein!

According to, here are some foods you can eat that will help aid in muscle growth.

  1. Salmon - it's full of protein and omega-3 fats that apprarently can help reduce inflammation and expedite muscle growth

2. Flax seeds - they also contain a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids plus magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins. They also provide plant-based protein!

3. Brown rice - packed with protein! Studies show that it can also help reduce muscle soreness, increase muscle protein synthesis and help prevent muscle loss.

4. Eggs - WITHOUT the added fats like cheese and sausage, eggs are packed with vitamins and protein and can also provide you with energy (that'll help you at the gym, too)

5. Quinoa - packed with protein, amino acids and complex carbs, which all help give you extra energy for your work out.

6. Protein shakes - this is a great post-workout (or pre-workout) snack that'll help promote muscle growth. If you don't like the taste of the protein powder, you can always add in fruits or high-protein foods like peanut butter.

7. Avocados - FULL of fats, protein, fiber, vitamin C, and magnesium. Plus they have potassium which helps with muscle growth. Turns out avocados are FAR from "basic"!

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