Here's What the Lizzie McGuire Cast Looks Like Now

With the amazing news that Lizzie McGuire is being rebooted, you may be curious as to what the cast has been up to since the show went off air in 2004.


Hilary has been starring on TV Land's Younger since 2015. She has a son with ex-husband Mike Comrie and a daughter with fiance Matthew Koma.


Lizzie's best friend Miranda never even made it into the movie due to scheduling conflicts so no one knows if she'll be in the reboot. Since the series ended, she's been focusing on her music - she recorded a solo album and played bass in the band Vanity Theft in 2010. She also appeared in a few films including Easy A.


Adam Lamberg has all but disappeared from the public eye since the Lizzie McGuire Movie. He appeared in 2 indie films, does not have any social media and now works at New York's Irish Arts Center as a developmental officer. He told a fan in 2014 on Tumblr that he doesn't know if acting is in his future but that was 5 years ago! Maybe he'll make his big comeback!


Lizzie's annoying little brother now has a mustache! He still acts, making appearances on shows such as ER, NCIS, CSI and Criminal Minds. He is now a photographer as well! Based on his Instagram post from a month ago, it seems like he most likely is in for the reboot!


Lizzie's arch nemesis, played by Ashlie Brillault, earned her BA in political science and a law degree which she plans to use to be a civil rights/criminal defense lawyer. She also is married with a little girl!


Clayton Snyder still acts and is still a heartthrob, let's be real. He also played professional water polo on the USA Men's National Team and now coaches water polo in Santa Monica.


Kyle Downes, who played Larry in the series, just got married! And his cute dogs were a part of the ceremony. He still acts and now also writes and directs!


Matt's mischievous friend and later girlfriend, played by Carly Schroeder, continued acting but recently switched fields. She decided to enlist int he army to help victims of human trafficking!


Hallie Todd now teaches acting classes and Robert Carradine went on to host the reality competition King of the Nerds.

So excited for the new series!

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