Best Cocktail Bars in Nashville


Spring is on the way and we will definitely find ourselves on rooftops, patios and enjoying the outdoors. It's no secret Nashville is known for some of the best food in America, but with the daily city growth, we're getting pretty good with cocktails too. Check out some of the best in cocktail bars in the lovely Music City.


Located in East Nashville, the speak-easy styled bar provides you with an intimate setting. Don't worry if you're not sure what you want to order, bar tenders will ask you specific questions and create a cocktail on the spot to your liking.

Minerva Avenue

If you're looking for an outside patio vibe, mixed with live music on Thursdays and DJs throughout the week, Minerva Avenue is your go to. From hookah, cigars and seasonal cocktails you'll find yourself having a good time.

Bar Sovereign

Dressed as a local tire shop, you may miss it if you didn't know about it. However, the low-key feel gives such an ambiance once the doors open. You'll walk into what looks like a library that becomes a bar with a fireplace. Small eats including sandwiches, but the best Old Fashions, you'll definitely say it's a hidden treasure.

Pearl Diver

Think of being on a tropical island with warm weather and a tiki bar! Yes, you don't have to travel several hours away for that feel. Pearl Diver, located in East Nashville has tropical bites, a lounge setting and island libations.

Walden Bar

Super creative bar and women owned, Walden Bar offers a dive-bar feel with a elecetic look. You can find cocktail specials daily, from their Whiskey Wednesdays to Happy Hours. They also have Songwriters nights, that showcase a look at local talent and bring in other creatives from the city.

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