Active Terrorist on the Loose Amidst Nashville Tornado

Amidst the tragic tornadoes that have kept Putnam, Wilson and Davidson County residents in worry, there seems to be even more to be aware of. At least one person has been critically injured in a North Nashville shooting.

"This guy had a hoodie on and a big gun...he got in the middle of the street and started firing shots, it had to be about nine or 10, then he ran off, said anonymous source on the scene."

Metro Nashville Police Captain, Dwayne Green confirmed about 9PM that there did not appear to be ongoing danger to the public.

Shots were fired about 6:30PM around Buchanan Street. One person was injured and transported to a hospital in critical condition. The area was later taped off. Witnesses described the shooter as a white male with a black hoodie, tied tightly. Police claim no information on a suspect is readily available at this time.

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