Studies Show Being Kind Can Make You Happier

During times of tragedy and in this case isolation, it's easy to fall in a trap of sadness. But there's always a light at the tunnel. Being kind to others will not only boost your mood but can help your immune system. Some may disagree that kindness is a weakness, but what works for you, works for you.

Researches have studied the impact kindness can have on your own happiness. Just the thought of being happy can changed your mood. The University of Oxford recently analyzed hundreds of published papers that studied the relationship between kindness and happiness. Out of them, they found 21 studies that prove that being kind to others makes us happier. The effects of being happier, make us contribute more and contributing to the greater good always helps the world.

So if you're not feeling your best today, just think about doing something kind today. Not sure where to start?

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