Middle Tennessee's, Chef Alex Belew Launches 'Cooking with Corona' Series

If you've been practicing social distancing, we will first like to say thank you. With everything going digital many business owners, artists and in this case restaurant owners are finding ways to champion the virtual realm. Master Chef, Alex Belew of Murfreesboro's Dallas & Jane offered a cooking class for adults and children. The restaurant, located in Murfreesboro has become quite popular since its opening, specializing in a contemporary menu.

Chef Alex Belew took it to Facebook Live where he taught the masses his take on crispy fried chicken and the restaurant's "Coal Miner" cocktail. Chef Alex Belew also voiced on his personal Facebook account that if business didn't turn around, he would be forced to close his restaurant. But the community definitely showed up and he was able to announce the restaurant would be ok.

Check out more here and when everything is opened back you'll definitely want to make a visit.