Business Owners Create a Virtual Haven to Learn & Party During Shutdown

As we're all becoming more virtually inclined during this time of shutdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many are finding refuge in social media. With jobs being temporarily taken away, creatives are still remaining creative and taking their talents to the digital world. Many artists and educators have began to offer their services online through Instagram and Facebook.

In this case Black Business Boom owner, Danielle McGee has been ahead of the curve, hosting various workshops and webinars online. This weekend, Danielle along with Tee Wilson will be hosting a virtual workshop on how to effectively market your business and grow your brand during a crisis. Sounds like it's right on time! Keeping the interaction, they're inviting you to fix some brunch.

After you learn, if you haven't been out for awhile, DJ Crop Top Tot is having a party. Yes, we've been practicing social distancing and isolation, but we still need to keep moving and our blood circulating. What was spontaneous has now captivated more than 1.2K views. "I still want to dance myself, so I know I'm not alone on this, plus with so much negative news, I'm here to spread love and I love doing that with music, says DJ Crop Top Tot."

Don't miss out on any of these events. To register for the Brunch and Brand click here.

And to join the party with DJ Crop Top Tot click here.

Photos via Danielle McGee - DJ Crop Top Tot

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