Ole Smokey Distillery Offers Moonshine Pickles

Kentucky Distillery Makes Total Eclipse Moonshine Celebrating The Upcoming Eclipse

If you're looking for something interesting to do in Nashville, there's always an adventure around the corner. In this case, you can introduce your tastebuds to two things that you may have thought didn't go together. Ole Smokey Moonshine, known for it's non-traditional flavors has taken it up a notch to introduce a new selection. Moonshine Pickles, may have you a little confused.

A dill pickle, pickled in moonshine, that's actually crunchy. You may want to add to your Bloody Mary or just have it as is. Along with the Moonshine Pickles, Ole Smokey offers a variety of foods mixed with moonshine. Peaches, cherries and others are jarred in moonshine.

Check out other varieties they offer here.

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