How to Avoid Procrastination During the Pandemic

If you have the luxury to work from home during the Coronavirus outbreak consider yourself in a good place. As time goes on and the numbers seem to increase many are finding themselves sad and unable to produce work. But don't fret there are several ways to stay productive. Check out a few ways you can keep your passion going and get some work done at the same time.

Start Somewhere.

Even with the easiest task, just beginning the day is a big deal. Get up make a list or just opening that computer. You can do it!

Hold Yourself Accountable.

If you have to tell your co-workers via instant messaging or your little co-workers, aka your children what tasks you should have done; every little bit helps.

Write It Down.

If you see it, you're more likely to do it. Write down all of your tasks for the day and cross them off as you get them done.

Switch Up Your Workspace.

Changing rooms or finding a cozy spot to work in can make a big difference. It's all in perspective sometimes.

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