Surviving the Coronavirus and Its Mental Effects

As the numbers increase of people that have coronavirus there are more that are recovering from the deadly virus. As it is important to make sure the numbers are known of the people that are affected with coronavirus it's just as important to know the recovery rate. Knowing this gives everyone some hope. The road to COVID-19 recovery isn't easy. As one survivor recalled, not knowing she had it until she became very ill.

During that time not only did she have physical pain but mentally. Not being able to hug her daughter and spend time with loved ones as some of us may be able to relate to at this time was a big heartbreak moment for her. What really stood out was the hassle of not being able to be tested again after recovering to make sure she didn't have it. However, she was able to get tested again.

On The PHG Podcast (Professional Homegirl), the anonymous survivor sat down with host Ebone Almon to discuss what that recovery looked like from beginning until now, 29 days later.

Digging deeper The Professional Homegirl Podcast takes turns with various interviews with anonymous guests sharing stories of triumph, liberation and real life stories. Topics like "How Ballet Helped Me Reconnect With My Body After Being Raped" to "Tips on Starting Your Debt Free Journey".

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Photo Credit: PHG Podcast

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