Radical Rabbit Restaurant Puts a Vegan Twists on Traditional Meals

When it comes to Nashville restaurants there are plenty to choose from. As a tourist you may look at traditional standing restaurants. But there are plenty of hidden gems in Music City as well. Not so hidden is animal rights activist and Chef Mariah Ragland's restaurant, Radical Rabbit. The pop up vegan soul food brand provides a traditional menu but with a vegan twist. Just imagine your favorite classics from ribs to burgers and macaroni and cheese, but Vegan Ribz and cheeseburgers rolls made from lentils! It's possible and Chef Ragland makes it look so easy.

When asked what made her start Radical Rabbit, I was inspired to introduce an all-natural and cruelty-free lifestyle to the minority community in Nashville for health benefits and social awareness of veganism.

Radical Rabbit most popular items are a variety of fried Jackfruit from sweet teriyaki, mango habenero, Carollina Gold and more. The menu changes frequently as the locations are primarily at Citizens Market in Hunters Station, 12 South Farmer's Market, Richland Park Farmers Market, Demeter's Common and Nashville Farmer's Market.

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