The First Ever Thai Styled Ice Cream Truck Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream

Who would have ever thought Nashville would get a Thai styled Ice cream truck after a watching Youtube videos and a bonding friendship like no other! Well, these two young ladies Bariangela Segovia and Maliyah Bass did it with their Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream. If you're unfamiliar, Thai flavored ice cream is scraped ice cream that rolls nicely into little rolls. It's made using milk, cream and sugars as well as other added ingredients to increase the flavor. Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream takes it to another level. Mixing Kit-Kats to Animal Crackers to your favorite soda, Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream is an experience like no other.

It started with a spring break trip their junior year of college to New York. They tasted rolled ice cream for the first time and thought it was such a cool concept. They thought making it mobile would add a unique twist. But it's no secret we've been in a pandemic and everyone has been affected.

"The pandemic has allowed us to think outside the box. Now, the majority of our events cater to neighborhoods, where we offer "curbside pickup, said Bass." These ladies have definitely utilized their uniqueness, during this time. Not only being the first Black-owned, first rolled ice cream truck, but also women owned. Their success during this time is leading to even more. This October they plan to open their first brick and mortar Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream shop in the Germantown area of Nashville. They will have a party room to host birthday parties, field trips, ice cream making classes and more.

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