What's Actually In Your Hot Dog?

With a lot of people grilling out today and myself included, hamburgers and hot dogs are always on the menu. Usually I go buy the Nathans Hot Dogs. I've never really sat there and read the ingredients of them I just know they are really good BUT what is actually in that hot dog you are going to eat today?

You won't find these ingredients on the back of your hot dog package, but don't be fooled... they are still in that wiener! 

Hot Dog Ingredients  (In some brands)

-Carcasses from old cattle and swine

-Cheeks and Joules (fatty flesh from the lower jaw/throat)

- Heart

- Tongue

- Lips

- Eyelids

- (Parts of the) intestines

- (Parts of the) ears

- (Parts of the) nostrils

- (Parts of the) tail

- Snouts from the pigs

- (Parts of the) liver

- (Parts of the) Kidneys

- Salt

- Fat, gristle, tendons and membranes

- Bone

- Blood

- Gums

-  Insect fragments, hair, rat excrement only in government allowed portions

- Preservatives to keep it all fresh 

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