My Experience At Mark Patrick Seminars

You've probably heard the radio commercials for the Mark Patrick Seminars about loosing weight and stop smoking. Like most people when you hear hypnosis you probably think this....

But I will tell you it was far from what you think. So I thought to myself, I would go and check out one of these seminars. I went to the weight loss one since I don't smoke. So I prepared myself to go into this with an open mind. The first hour of the seminar was a lecture about health and how to better yourself and I will say I learned quite a bit of new things during that lecture. After that was over we took a quick break and then we went to the hypnosis part. I will say this, you are very well aware of everything that is going on during the hypnosis except time. When it was all over it thought oh that only lasted 5 mins, turns out the whole hypnosis lasted 30 mins! 

So in my opinion it seemed to have some effect but don't just take my word for it. 

If you want to find out more about these seminars click HERE! 

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