Nashville Haunted House Ranks Top 10 In The Country

I know Halloween isn't for months, but that's not going to stop us from talking about it. One of our favorite things about Halloween are the Haunted Houses! Nashville has some of the best one's hands down, but according to report there is one particular Haunted House that is top 10 in the country! is a website for all Haunted House fans to check out reviews and scare ratings to see if it's going to be worth your time and money. Our very own Battle is sort of a Haunted House expert and can tell you the best ones to hit up!

Now let's get to that list of the top 13 in the country! 

Hauntworld’s Top 13 scariest haunted houses in the U.S. include:

1. Netherworld - Atlanta, Georgia

2. The 13th Gate - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

3.The Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati, Ohio

4. Erebus - Pontiac, Michigan

5. Headless Horseman's Hayrides and Haunted Houses - Ulster Park, New York

6. Haunted Overload - Lee, New Hampshire

7. Nashville Nightmare - Nashville, Tennessee

Our very own Nashville Nightmare cracked the top 10 list. We asked Battle his thoughts on this and he thought that it should've been higher up, but it's one of his Top 5 in Nashville to visit. 

8.Bennett's Curse - Baltimore, Maryland

9.The Darkness - St. Louis, Missouri

10.Field of Screams - Mountville, Pennsylvania

11.Factory of Terror - Canton, Ohio

12.Nightmare on 13th - Salt Lake City, Utah

13.USS Nightmare - Newport, Kentucky


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