List Of The Best Jobs For Millennials

A new study just came out that ranked the 10 best jobs for millennials.  They polled over 1,000 people between the ages of 20 and 34, and asked what matters most when it comes to their career. Here are the top 10!

1.  Web developer.

2.  Dental hygienist.

3.  Software developer.  

4.  Computer systems analyst.

5.  Mechanical engineer.

6.  Interpreter or translator.

7.  Radiation therapist.

8.  Insurance sales agent.

9.  Cartographer.  ( I actually had to look this one up but, that's someone who makes maps.)

10.  Massage therapist.  Out of the top ten jobs, it has the lowest average salary at just over $38,000 a year.  But it's low-stress, and work-life balance is pretty good! BTW if you know of a good massage therapist send them my way please!

Did you job make the list?  

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