Is Lana Del Rey's "Get Free" a Rip-Off of the Radiohead Song "Creep"?

The latest "your-song-sounds-too-much-like-my-song" lawsuit involves LANA DEL REY being sued by RADIOHEAD, because they think she ripped off their 1992 hit "Creep".

The Lana song in question is "Get Free", off her album "Lust for Life" that came out last summer.  The chorus doesn't sound anything like "Creep", but other parts of the song are definitely similar.

Lana confirmed the lawsuit yesterday on Twitter.  Apparently, she agrees the songs sound similar, because she offered them part of the publishing rights.  But she says they want ALL of them.

Take a listen to both tracks below and tell me what you think. Did she rip off Radiohead?

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