Some Dude Slapped Harvey Weinstein at a Restaurant

HARVEY WEINSTEIN was attacked at a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona on Tuesday night . . . but given what he's accused of, he got off pretty easy.

As Weinstein was leaving the restaurant, a guy named Steve approached him and gave him two light, backhanded slaps to the face. And he told him, quote, "Get the [eff] outta here.  You're a piece of [poop], [effing] with those women."

So is this Steve character some kind of chivalrous defender of women?  Hardly.  When Harvey first sat down for his meal, Steve went up to him and started gushing about what a FAN he is.  He even asked for a selfie.

Harvey declined the photo, but still had a perfectly polite conversation with Steve.  Now, Steve later told TMZ that Harvey was rude and belligerent . . . but there's audio that proves he's lying. 


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