Check Out This Old School Arcade Here In Nashville

When it comes to playing video games, nothing beats that feeling of going to the arcade and putting a quarter in the machine and sitting there playing your favorite arcade game for what seemed like hours! 

Now that times have changed you don't see very many arcades like you used to in the past. Of course there are places you can go and play arcade games but to some it's not the same right?

There is this place called Game Galaxy Arcade located in Smyrna and Rivergate! 

The best part about this place is you won't need a pocket full of quarters. It will cost you only $10 for the day and you will get UNLIMITED amounts of playing time on over 375 different games including one of our favorites, pinball! 

Another cool thing about Game Galaxy is they also sell video games and you can even buy some of the arcade games they have there as well! The hours of both stores vary on the day but if you're looking for something fun to do on a weekend, you should totally check out Game Galaxy!

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