Kevin Smith Reflects On Life After A Massive Heart Attack

Kevin Smith took to Facebook on Monday to tell the world about the massive heart attack he had on Sunday. Hitting Facebook Live yesterday, Smith got into detail about everything he went through, reflected on how his life will change – and told people to lay off Chris Pratt.

In the vid, which goes on for about 15 minutes, Smith went super deep to talk about not only having the heart attack, but admits that he really didn’t even realize what was happening until he was well into being treated by the paramedics.

Smith goes on to say that he’s been overwhelmed by all the well wishes he’s received – and took a minute to talk up for Chris Pratt, who you’ll recall took a stupid amount of Internet heat for saying that he was “praying his ass off” for Smith. “Oh my God, thanks to Chris Pratt,” he offered. “How sweet was that? ‘Star-Lord’ was prayin for me! So please don’t fight over stuff like that…it’s a waste of time.”