Two Shoplifters Try to Get Away by Jumping a Fence Into Police Station

Two shoplifters in Phoenix tried to run from the cops last Friday, and might have gotten away if they had run in literally any other direction . . .

28-year-old Marwan Al Ebadi and 29-year-old Salma Hourieh were caught stealing from a gas station.  And they took off on foot when they saw the cops pull up.

Then they ran to an adjacent building and jumped a fence to get away.  But apparently they didn't see the big sign in front . . . because they ended up jumping into the parking lot of a POLICE STATION.

 It was basically next door to the gas station, so I guess that's how the cops got there so fast.

There's security footage of them scaling the fence.  Salma tried to hide under a bench and got arrested.  Marwan jumped BACK over the fence and got arrested on the street outside the station.

 They're facing shoplifting and drugs charges, plus a third charge for trespassing by scaling the fence. 

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