Top 10 List of Movies So Scary That People Can't Finish Watching Them

Netflix has come out with a list of movies that are supposedly so scary, people can't finish watching them.  How did they figure that out?  Well, their methodology isn't remotely scientific.

Basically, these are movies that a lot of people have turned off after watching them least 70% of the way through.  Netflix figures that people would only stay with the movies that long if they liked them. So turning them off MUST be a sign that they got scared.

I'd be more likely to believe that some of these were turned off because they were just too gross . . . like "The Human Centipede 2" . . . which really isn't remotely scary. Same for "Piranha" . . . which is practically a comedy, but does have a healthy serving of gore.

Legit or not, here's the list and the movie trailers to go along with them! Some of the trailers are NSFW!



1.  "Cabin Fever", 2016

2.  "Carnage Park", 2016

3.  "Mexico Barbaro", 2014

4.  "Piranha", 2010

5.  "Raw", 2016

6.  "Teeth", 2007

7.  "The Conjuring", 2013

8.  "The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence", 2011

9.  "The Void", 2016

10.  "Jeruzalem", 2015

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