What The Nickelodeon Studios From Our Childhood Looks Like Now

Growing up like most kids, about the only channel I would watch was Nickelodeon and of course at the end of every show in the credits they would show the footage of outside of the Nickelodeon studios. 

I mean it looked so cool and I asked my parents every year if we could take our vacation to Nickelodeon studios and hopes I could make it on one their tv shows. Well here I am 29 years old and never made it but I will be going to Universal Studios this year for Halloween Horror Nights so I guess that'll make up for it! 

Anyways, here we are in 2018 and the Nickelodeon studios no longer exist!! Now, luckily there is some videos I have found online of a few people who snuck in right before they cleaned everything out!

Ok now here comes the sad part that is going to break your heart!! Here is what the studio looks like now...

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