You Can Scuba Dive With Dinosaurs Here In Tennessee

You probably read the headline and thought yeah, I'm not swimming with dinosaurs. They aren't the dinosaurs you see in the movies, although when you see the fish, they do look like something that you would see in a horror movie.  Outside of Nashville, Athens Tennesse is home to the Loch Low-Minn Scuba Diving Resort. When you see this place it looks like something from a postcard. Crystal clear water. 

Now let's get to the part about the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs that are in the quarry are prehistoric paddlefish. Now When you first see these things your first reaction would probably be like this.

But let's be honest, these fish are harmless and how cool would it be to say "I swam with dinosaurs!" If you want to take a close look at what's swimming under the water at the Loch Low-Minn Scuba Diving Resort, check out the video below.

Now after looking around on the internet, they do have some things waiting for you at the bottom including a shark, a dragon, and Santa!

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