Hemp Store To Open Up Over In East Nashville

There has been a lot of controversy in the news and especially Tennessee over medical marijuana and also the concerns of CBD oil. Now first after doing some research CBD oil and Marijuana are 2 different things! A new store has popped up over in East Nashville called Music City Hemp Store.

David Duncan who owns the store said they will be selling CBD oil which comes from cannabis. Now you're probably thinking wait cannabis, i've heard that paired up with marijuana. The thing about CBD oil is that it doesn't get you "stoned". 

CBD oil is used for a wide variety of things such as general health, ADD & ADHD, depression, ALS, PTSD and so many other things! 

Music City Hemp Store opens up on 4/20. (How ironic LOL) 

Still on the fence about CBD oil? Check out the video below that was done on the Doctors show!

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