Backstreet Boys & The Spice Girls Going On Tour TOGETHER?!

So Backstreet Boys just came out with new music and I will say that I'm really digging on their new song! (Don't judge me) Now, of course, with a new album chances are there will be a tour in support of that right?

What if I told you that that Backstreet Boys tour could include the Spice Girls! 

Yes, you read that right, Backstreet Boys + Spice Girls on tour together!!!

Ok just follow me here for a second....

In a recent interview, Mel B told Hoda Kotb on "The Today Show" that the Spice girls are going out on tour! Now of course if you were to ask Victoria Beckham she would say they aren't going on tour, but Mel B had something to say about that!

So now you're thinking ok Battle, but where do the Backstreet Boys come into play after that interview? Well...back in 2017, Nick Carter mentioned in an interview with US Weekly that he would love to be apart of a Spice Girls reunion tour. 

Of course, now that Mel B did say they were going on tour and then take this photo the Backstreet Boys posted on their cruise, there is a really good chance it COULD HAPPEN!

What would you do if this tour actually happened?

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