Where To Go To Get The Best French Fries In Nashville

When it comes to french fries, I'm sort of a snob. LOL JK, but I really do love us some french fries. I've gone to several places around town to try out their french fries and here is a list of some of my favorite places to go. BTW this list is in no particular order!

M L Rose

I mean come on they have waffle fries! What more do we need to say? Oh yeah they have an order of fries you can get a fried egg on! Probably one of my favorite places to hit up for fries.

Bobbies Dairy Dip

Not only is Bobbies Dairy Dip a really cool date night idea, they've also got some of the best sweet potato fries around Nashville! Their fries are so good, we dip them in our ice cream!

Burger Up

Burger Up has 3 different types of fries on their menu. 

house fries 

sweet potato fries 

truffle fries 

It's so very hard to choose when they ask us what kind of fries we want with our burger. Most of the time we just get all 3 because they are sooooo good!!

The Pharmacy

Now I will say I do love me some tots from here, but I could eat their sweet potato fries are AUHMAZING!! Dip them in ranch and boom it's an explosion of flavor in your mouth! 

Now I know I'll get some crap over why I didn't put Five Guys, McDonald's, or Chick-Fi-La. I left them off the list because you can get those kinds of fries anywhere. I wanted to talk about some of my favs here you can only get in Nashville. 

Where is your favorite place to get french fries at around Nashville?

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