Nashville Could Be Getting An MLB Team

It's no surprise everyone loves Nashville! I mean, everyone loves to come to Nashville and now MLB is looking to bring a baseball team here! Rob Manfred the commissioner of the MLB talked about expanding the league from 30 teams to 32 teams. 

During a recent interview on Fox Sports, Manfred talked about the expansion and who is on his list. 

"We have a real list of cities that I think are not only interested in having baseball, but are viable in terms of baseball — places like Portland (Ore.), Las Vegas, Charlotte, (N.C.), Nashville in the United States, certainly Montreal, maybe Vancouver, in Canada. We think there's places in Mexico we could go over the long haul."

Yep, he wants to bring an MLB team to Nashville!! Now looking at the other cities on the list, we are up against a few good cities especially Las Vegas. There is no timetable on when this could happen, but if it did and Nashville got an MLB team where would the stadium go and what would our team name be?

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