The Titans Agree On New Deal With Taylor Lewan

The Tennessee Titans have started training camp and let's say that things are looking good so far! The Titans are coming into the 2018 season with a playoff win under their belt and a new coach! Also something fans are excited about is that Titans QB Marcus Mariota is coming into camp healthy! Although he's coming into camp healthy one things fans have been watching is OL Taylor Lewan, who in my opinion is one of the best OL men in the NFL! 

I was a little worried the Titans were going to let him go when he was wanting a new contract. See being a Titans fan since day one, we've been known not to spend a lot of money on players. At first Taylor was going to hold out according to some reports, but we now have AMAZING NEWS!!!

It has been reported that the Titans & Taylor have come to an agreement on a new deal and let's just say this deal is HUGE! The new deal now makes Taylor Lewan is the richest offensive line deal in NFL history.

Photo cred from Getty!

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