Bar In Nashville Has ’80s Music and Snow Cones

I'm always on the lookout for new places to check out around our city and I think that I found the perfect place! Everyone, let me introduce you to Minerva Avenue! The place is located at 1002 Buchanan Street in theHistoric Buchanan Arts District of North Nashville. 

Minerva Avenue has created a drink menu influenced by movie lines. This is the brainchild of Nashville mixologist, Freddy Schwenk. Let's take one of my favorite movies Toy Story. We all know the famous line

Well on their menu, they have a drink called “To Infinity and Beyond” which is a blend of gin, honey, vanilla, and lemon. Man does that sound really really good! Now let's talk about another one of my favorite things food LOL! Their menu will offer deli sandwiches, popcorn, AND... SNOW CONES!! 

You'll be able to order your snow cone with or without alcohol in it.

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