An Abandoned Playboy Mansion Is Hiding In Tennessee

When we first heard there was an abandoned Playboy Mansion here in Tennessee, we thought it was a joke! Turns out that right about 2 hours outside of Nashville in Chattanooga sits a very big abandoned mansion. 

The mansion was built by strip club tycoon Billy Hull. He named the place the Swingers' Tiki Palace back in the 70's. The place had it all, the whole mansion was about 5,600 square feet. So you could imagine what all this place had to offer!

Well, bad luck happened to Hull! He was only open for a year before he found himself in some serious trouble with the law. Supposedly, he had hired a hitman to go out and kill his wife's lover. He did end up serving time in jail for 20 years after pleading guilty to tax evasion. 

With Hull being in jail, the whole place just sat there and was left to rot and lay to waste. We don't have any photos of what the place looked like back when it first open, but thanks to explorer Chris Condon, we get a look inside of this abandoned mansion. 

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