Best Haunted Houses In Nashville

I know Halloween is next month, but that's not going to stop us from talking about it. One of my favorite things about Halloween is the Haunted Houses! Nashville has some of the best one's hands down, and some even rank in the top 10 in the country!

A little fun fact, I used to be terrified of haunted houses! Like I was so scared, I would wait outside for all of my friends to go through. I did get over my fear and once they are open, I'm usually at one every weekend! I guess you could say that I am a haunted house expert!

What I wanted to do was create a list for you of some of the best haunted houses around Nashville. Now the list below is in no particular order just an FYI! So here we go:

Nashville Nightmare has been voted top 10 in the Nation and I went to that one several times last year it was that good!

Up next on my list is about an hour drive outside of Nashville. The Haunted Hospital in Scottsville Kentucky is a must see. I mean it's in a freaking haunted hospital so it's already scary enough and then add people jumping out and scaring you. 

Devil’s Dungeon is by far one of the most frightening and intense haunted houses you will experience! This haunted house is 20,000 square feet of pure fear! I will say this though, this haunted house isn't for the faint of heart!

Next up on my list is Miller's Thrillers! This place is like Disneyland for people who love haunted houses! BTW this is an outdoor haunt so I would suggest wearing clothes you don't mind getting dirty! They also have zombie paintball where you get to shoot LIVE zombies!

Another great haunted house to visit it Haunted Hell! Haunted Hell invites its guests to face their fears among the rotting ruins and grueling landscapes only seen in nightmares. 

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