Bill Murray Was Spotted Hanging Out In Nashville

Nashville is such a fun town! I've lived here all my life and I always find it cool when famous people come and visit the city and most people don't even bother them. For example a few months back I ran into Josh Brolin at a Chris Stapleton concert! Now, I didn't get a photo with him because he was there to enjoy the show, but I did talk to him for a second. 

Anyways, the thing about Nashville is we're pretty much used to running into famous people and being like, "Oh that's so and so" and then we just keep walking! One person was in town last night that had everyone freaking out just a little bit, and that person was BILL MURRAY! 

According to a few things I saw on social media last night, he took in a show at the Opry.

I think the best part was finding on Instagram a group of women had posted about Bill opening the car door and at first not realizing who he was LOL!!

I'm pretty bummed that I wasn't one of the lucky people to get to run into him, BUT one day I will meet him. It's on my bucketlist!!

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