Tiny Town Outside of Nashville Has A Very Haunting Past

About hour north of Nashville there is a very tiny town by the name of Adams. Most people drive right past it on the interstate it's that tiny of a town. When it comes to Adams, Tennessee one thing comes to my mind and that is the Bell Witch! 

When it comes to haunted stuff, I'm all about it! One particular story my grandfather would always tell me growing up was about the Bell Witch! I mean this story and the way he told it gave me horrible nightmares!

Adams, Tennessee only has less than 1,000 residents, their history is known across the world. 

Now here is how the story goes.

Adams, Tennessee was settled back in the late 1700's and one of the institutions established was the Red River Baptist Church. One of the most notable church elders was John Bell. John and his family lived just outside of the town, and in the late 1810's, they began experiencing very weird and creepy things inside their home.

After experiencing these strange things, the family believed that the land that they lived on was haunted by a witch who lived in the cave on their property. 

They mentioned they had seen strange creatures disappear suddenly and then after seeing these strange creatures they began to see and hear strange things in their house. According to the story, children of the Bell family were dragged out of their bed by some strange being that was invisible. Other parts of the story say that they would wake up with bruises and welts all over their body.

With the family not being able to really explain what had happened, that's when the rumors began about the Bell Witch. These stories spread across the country so fast that President Andrew Jackson made a special trip to the farm to investigate and he said that he experienced something so terrifying that he vowed to never come back! 

The rest of the story goes that reports of the witch stopped after 1820 and it was too late for John Bell. According to the stories, he died from poisoning that the witch gave him. Nobody really knows for sure what actually happened and if there is such a thing as the Bell Witch, but regardless you better believe I ain't going anywhere near Adams!

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