More Alligators Have Been Spotted In Tennessee

A while back the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency reported that they spotted Alligators here in the Tennessee River.

We then found out that it was normal for them to be here due to the migration and way of life. We didn't think anything of it and then BOOM! The TWRA sends out another report stating yes, MORE GATORS have been spotted!

Apparently, these Gators have been naturally making their way here in Tennessee form the southern states that border Tennessee! There has been footage of a 7-foot gator in West Tennesse and apparently, there are more several confirmed sightings!

The TWRA released this statement about the alligators here in Tennessee:

“TWRA would like to remind everyone that alligators are a protected species and catching or shooting one is a violation of the law. If you come across one while exploring the outdoors in West TN, leave it alone and enjoy Tennessee’s unique biodiversity.”

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