East Nashville Has A Bar Full Of Pinball Machines

I can't tell you how many times I've gone to arcades and spent all of my money at just the pinball machines. I would play pinball non-stop at the arcade. Pinball machines were actually at one point in time very hard to find at local arcades, but with more and more people playing video games at home the arcade started to be absolute.

Well, I've now got good news for all of you pinball wizards out there! There is a bar over in East Nashville called No Quarter! This has to be one of my favorite places to go! Their slogan is "Pinball and Pints" I was pretty much in heaven the first time I walked in and saw this!

A really cool thing they have at No Quarter is Tournament Thursdays. So think back to the time when you'd go in and try and have the highest score, well that's what they do here, but with a little twist. Each machine has its own set of rules.

So, if you are looking for that fun night out with a date or the crew, in my opinion, you should definitely hit up No Quater! They also have some great happy hour specials too!

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