Nashville Student Gets Surprise From His Hero James Shaw

Stories like this just make everyone smile. About 35 mins outside of Nashville there is an elementary school in Gallatin called Union Stem Elementary School. It's an absolutely wonderful school and I'm not just saying that because my oldest son goes there I'm saying that because of stories like this one.

Union Stem has a Red Ribbon week and one day during the week the students get to dress up as their favorite super heroes. Of course, there was Spiderman, Superman, Batman, but for one student he went with a real-life superhero.  Tayir Thomas a fifth grader went as the Antioch Waffle House hero James Shaw.

Tayir showed up to school in a gray hoodie with "live" on his chest and tape on his right hand,

On Halloween, Tayir got the surprise of his life. James Shaw, showed up at the school to surprise him. During his visit, Shaw brought some gifts for Tayir, including a custom shirt with "live" on the front from LiveAbove and his name on the back.

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