My Weight Loss Journey

Normally when you read my blogs, they are funny stuff or weird just like myself. One thing that I have had very trouble doing is actually writing about myself. You see my whole life growing up, I was always the bigger kid. I would be made fun of because of my weight. Eventually, I would just hide behind food or even joke along with everyone about my weight. Deep down inside, I was hurting because of the mean things people were saying about my weight. 

Of course, I tried so many things and over the years my weight went up and down. Of course, when I was sad about things, I'd run to food. I'd sit there and eat and eat until I was full. I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and thought to myself "WOW, you reall have let yourself go Battle!" That made me take a step back and got on the scale to see how much I really weighed. When I saw 260 come up on the scale my reaction was like, "Holy CRAP!!" 

I looked back at myself in the mirror and thought, man if I keep on going I could eventually have a heart attack or be on a lot of medication. I wanted to be there for both of my boys when they play sports and not be out of breath after doing activity for 30 mins.

So I decided it was time to make a change. I went and visited Profile by Sanford in Brentwood. I walked in thinking ok, this place is going to give me the tools to change my lifestyle. So here I am sitting in a room and we go over a few things and they reassure me this isn't going to happen overnight, and there's no pill that will make you drop the weight. Through a few changes in your eating habits, I'd be noticing things differently.

So here we go, I leave the store and start following the routine they had me follow. I will be honest with you, the first few days were absolutely rough! My body wasn't used to having healthy stuff in it. It was used to fast food and greasy stuff. So a week goes by and I go to check back in and I was very worried.

I stand on the scale not wanting to look down after I heard the beeps. Let me tell you this, I was SHOCKED! They said Battle, you started out at 260, right now you're weighing in at 250! I couldn't believe it! Sticking to the new lifestyle changes, I'm down 10 FREAKIN POUNDS!!! 

So, through this journey, every week I will update you with how everything is going! If you want to join me on my journey Profile has 3 area locations, Brentwood, Nashville, and Hendersonville! 

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