Draymond Green Addresses Awkward Kevin Durant Situation

It's not been that great of a week for the defending NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors. Monday night at the end of the Clippers-Warriors game, Draymond Green got into an altercation with his teammate Kevin Durant. It appeared that Durant was angry that Draymond didn't pass him the ball during a big part of the game

At the end of regulation of Monday night’s Clippers-Warriors game, forward Draymond Green got into a heated altercation with teammate Kevin Durant after Durant was angry that Green didn’t pass him the ball during a crucial possession in the game which you can see the play and argument below. 

During the argument, some things were said and according to what Yahoo Sports reported it wasn't good:

"Late in regulation of the Warriors’ overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, Green collected a rebound and ignored Durant’s call for the ball, instead dribbling upcourt into traffic and turning over the ball, which led to an argument with Durant that eventually spilled into the locker room after the game.

Green repeatedly called Durant “a bitch” after he was called out by the two-time NBA Finals MVP in the huddle for not passing him the ball, sources said. The organization is of the belief that Green cut too deep in his disagreement with Durant, sources said.

Klay Thompson, who is typically reserved, spoke up in the locker room to the surprise of his teammates about the altercation and stressed the importance of sticking together, sources said."

Finally after serving his one game suspension, Draymond talked to the press about the incident and this is what he had to say!

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