Women Conned Into Dangerous Plastic Surgery In Hotel Room

I'm not really sure why she thought this was a good idea, but here's the story. It seems like getting some sort of plastic surgery is the thing now. Some people are also trying to find a cheap way of getting everything done. According to reports, some women in Houston, New York, and Miami have been conned into dangerous plastic surgery. 

A Houston woman is speaking out about her incident involving her dangerous plastic surgery. In a recent interview, she kept her identity hidden because she said the people who did the procedure are still out there! She recalls walking into the room and seeing all of the stuff for her procedure. 

When talking to the news she said, “The first session was, I paid probably around $1,000 and I was told after the procedure was done that I might leak some of the silicone out so they put superglue over the actual puncture wounds.”

The procedure was done inside a hotel room and months later she noticed problems and had to get surgery to fix all of the damage that was done by the dangerous surgery in the hotel room.

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