Gallatin Couple Honors Man Who Returns Flag To Front Porch

With the holidays approaching we've all seen the videos posted on social media of people stealing packages off of porches. Well, this isn't one of those videos. A couple in Gallatin have taken to social media to honor a man that was captured on their home surveillance video.

Erin Fezell posted on her Facebook a video that was taken from her front door camera of a young man walking onto their front porch. In the video a young man picked up a flag that had fallen to the ground during the strong winds we had the other night. 

The young man folded the flag and then proceeded to put the flag in a chair in front of the door so it didn't lay on the ground. 

After posting the video above, Fezell found out that the young man in the video was her neighbor's 22-year-old nephew Nicholas Dunn who is currently with the National Guard. This video just goes to show that there are great people in this world and the faith in humanity is restored.

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