Adopt Dr. Dre A Mini Horse In Nashville


We are very happy to announce that thanks to everyone who shared this story, Dr Dre got adopted and is now happy with his new family!

Dr. Dre is an approximately 7 year old paint mini gelding.  He came to Safe Harbor from an owner in extreme financial hardship–eviction imminent, no running water, no way to feed Dre, and a falling down fence that wouldn’t keep him in.  He was a stallion at intake, and had not had any former training.

Dre has been lucky to be fostered next to a Mennonite family with great horse skills who have taken him under their wing.  He absolutely craves leadership, but still does need occasional firm training moments–especially in situations like farrier appointments which remain fairly new for him.  Dre can be carry kids on his back, and is a larger mini.  He has dropping in his rear fetlocks from early malnutrition and his gaited conformation.  He could very easily pull a cart, and this would be a better activity for his body conformation for ultimate longevity.  Dre’s best placement is in a home where he is the only horse or there are geldings only.

During Mini Madness Dr. Dre’s adoption fee is only $100.

To get more information about adopting Dr Dre you can visit Safe Harbor Sanctuary website HERE

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