Titans Shock The World With Music City Miracle 20 Years Ago Today

Some say that the 1999-2000 Tennessee Titans were probably the best team ever! That was the year we went to the Super Bowl. 

Let's jump in our time machine and head back 20 years ago today!

The Tennessee Titans were playing the Buffalo Bills in the Wild-Card playoffs. The Bills took the lead in the 4th quarter with a field goal. The score was 16-15 with 16 seconds left on the clock. The Bills kicked off, and that's when one of the greatest plays in NFL history happened.

The Music City Miracle happened when Titans tight end Frank Wycheck threw a lateral pass to Kevin Dyson, and Dyson then ran 75 yards to score the winning touchdown and earned a 22–16 victory.

Want to relive one of the greatest moments in Titans history, check it out below!

Now if you're really wanting to kill some time today and want to relive the whole thing, we found the entire game online that you can watch!

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