Big Changes Are Coming To The New iPhone

When it comes to Apple products, I try to stay up to date with the latest devices, but according to some reports, the new iPhone has a BIG change coming!

Reports from the Daily Mail, has said that the big change from Apple will involve their charging cables. Literally we just recovered from these lightning cables and then they drop this! Apparently, they are going to use the same cable that Android users are used too. 

Before you start shaking your head no, let's discuss more about this.

Apple is set to change to a different format of charging cables. In fact, the new version is one already beloved by Android users.

The iPad Pro already uses the USB-C cables and to be honest with you these cables are a lot cheaper and most people have them just sitting around. 

Once again though, this is just a rumor, BUT you never know what's going to happen until Apple officially makes the announcement about the phone.

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