First Ever Dog Park Bar Opening In Nashville

There are so many cool things to do around Nashville and it looks like there is another cool thing coming to Nashville! Over in Germantown, there will be the first ever full service dog park bar!

The dog park will be called Fetch Park and the business says it hopes to be through the permitting "very soon" and be able to begin construction. The park will have a full bar, restaurant, TVs, Wifi, cooling stations, dog bath area and a staff that will tend to your furry friend.

According to founder and CEO of Fetch Stephen Ochs, “The goal has always been to expand to Nashville with Germantown as our dream destination for Fetch Park’s first expansion. Nashville is booming with creative, hard-working professionals, which the Fetch Park concept is tailor-made for. Our future members will no longer have to choose between Happy Hour with friends or spending time with their beloved pups – they can both Unleash And Unwind at Fetch Park.”

Now the question you're probably asking yourself, how much does it cost right?

There are 2 options one is a monthly membership which will cost you $20 a month. Now if you're just wanting to go for a day out, that'll cost you $10 for a day pass.

There is actually a Fetch Park in Atlanta and they have been voted as the city's best dog park according to the company. Once this place opens up, I know where I'll be hanging out with my dogs!

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